Best Songs of 2010 Mixtape!

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Because a Song of the Year award would just go to POWER anyways, here’s a mix of our favorite songs! Tracklist after the jump.KEY: J- John, A- Andrew, M- Matt

#1 “Tin Man” by Future Islands-J: Love is such a base topic in music that it takes something really unique to catch my interest on that front. Tin Man’s wise man growling and marching beat count make it stand out in the way I’m looking for.
#2 “Round and Round” by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti-A: This is easily my favorite song to be released this year. The way it sweeps from section to section, I feel, is just about perfect.
#3 “Infinity Guitars” by Sleigh Bells-M: A relentless hook, catchy beat; all put together in a very focussed product. Sleigh Bells’ speciality is cutting out the fat and paying attention to the most important elements.
#4 “Computer Love/Pure Being” by Flying Lotus-J: An explosion of digital love that serves as the peak of an amazing opening run for Cosmogramma. Also the song where I realized that Cosmogramma is fucking amazing.
#5 “Odessa” by Caribou-A: This song is probably the most traditional dance song off of the Caribou album this year, but it’s also the best. His mixture of flangy guitar, bells and the fantastic bass line, equals something so much fun to listen to.
#6 “Aminals” by Baths-M: Baths found the fine line between dreamy bliss-pop and dance music and ran with it in this song. A catchy otherworldly experience.
#7 “C’mon” by The Soft Pack-J: San Diego, now in song form. The big city that acts like a small town, the shitty “safety” that breeds apathy, and the fucking armed forces everywhere.
#8 “Floating Vibes” by Surfer Blood-A: Surfer Blood really came out and surprised me this year with their debut and the most deserving song out of all of them is Floating Vibes. This is maybe one of my most listened to songs this year and it might continue to be on top for a while.
#9 “Cousins” by Vampire Weekend-M: As I mentioned before, Cousins is one of my favourite songs ever written by Vampire Weekend. The mixing on the two guitars in this track is something to marvel at.
#10 “Rappin 2 U” by Das Racist-J: The two best verses either guy cut this year under one of the best beats on an amazing album. Rap does need Das Racist.
#11 “Monster” by Kanye West-A: Holy shit, Kanye. Goddamn, Nicki. Fuck, Jeezy. You guys are so great on this song, I would give you a million dollars, but someone already did that, and deservingly so.
#12 “Superfast Jellyfish” by Gorillaz-M: Something about how god damn odd and catchy this song is gets to me and, for some reason, I couldn’t get this thing out of my head. I suppose that’s good enough reason than any for it to be on this list.
#13 “Composure” by Warpaint-J: A giant sprawling song that shows just how ambitious Warpaint. The peak of a fucking phenomenal record that grew as fast as only a few albums did for me.
#14 “Go Outside” by Cults-A: This is the biggest little surprise of the year. Cults haven’t even released an album and this song came out around February or March. Still, no plans are completely made, but when they are made, I will be listening to immediately.
#15 “Sequins” by Abe Vigoda-M: I think what really got me with this song was the catchy transition at :50. This song is just a great piece of pop music.
#16 “Odessa’s War” by Frog Eyes-J: On a fucking storm of a record, this track I feel best represents the key elements: Carey Mercer, guitars, Carey Mercer, and a wildly unique songwriting voice.
#17 “Mickey Mouse” by Wavves-A: Mickey Mouse is perhaps the most differing song from anything else on King of the Beach. It succeeds at being kind of like old Wavves and at the same time brings something newer, being slightly reminiscent of something Animal Collective would make.
#18 “You Fucking People Make Me Sick” by Swans: The most memorable moment in music this year for me came from this song. This is one big build up to an overwhelming pay-off.
#19 “Drag Open” by Women: It felt appropriate to close with the standout from our album of the year.



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