Complete & Accurate

The Complete & Accurate is a new series of articles on the site, inspired by the Complete & Accurate features on Segunda Caida, a wrestling blog (you’re shocked, I know). Within their feature, they review all possibly available and attainable footage of an overlooked wrestler. Internally, we’ve had discussions on how to cover artists with overwhelming back catalogs, and we’ve come to a consensus on this format.

Like how I made that sound like this wasn’t just me saying “WE’RE DOING THIS NOW” and then Andrew going “COOL” and Matt going “WHAT.” Promote harmony; this is key.

Albums are tagged in four ways.

EPIC: The highest points of the catalog. If you only check out one or two albums from this artist/group, fuck’s sake, make it these. Conversely, they won’t be assigned very often, because goddamnit, Epic means something.

GREAT: High quality records. Either notable for a change in the style of the artist/group, or as being a capsule of one or two aspects that make them worth a study like this.

STANDARD: They cannot all be winners. Albums with this tag tend to be nothing surprising in contrast with the rest of the catalog, or just simply not as good.

SKIPPABLE: This is pretty self explanatory. Where Standard albums are good albums in a heated pack, these represent some missed idea or an underwhelming effort.

Anyways, here’s what’s coming up and currently ongoing.

John Vs. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
-25 albums as of 01/01/12.
#1: “A Manual Dexterity: Soundtrack, Volume 1” -GREAT
#2: “Omar Rodriguez” -STANDARD
#3: “Please Heat This Eventually” with Damo Suzuki -SKIPPABLE*

Andrew Vs. Bill Callahan
-14 albums as of 01/01/12
#1: “Sewn to the Sky” -STANDARD
#2: “Forgotten Foundation” -SKIPPABLE
#3: “Julius Caesar” – STANDARD
#4: “Wild Love” – GREAT
#5: “The Doctor Came at Dawn” – Coming soon
#6: “Red Apple Falls” – Coming soon
#7: “Knock Knock” (BPM second look)- EPIC


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