Best Debut Album of 2010

2010 seems to be the year for new artists coming out and rocking all of our faces. We had Baths come out with “Cerulean,” and while not rocking our faces off, it showed us that Trip-hop is still a thing that’s awesome. Sleigh Bells released “Treats” and has been acquainted to a love it or hate it reaction, but nonetheless still known. So who was it that we thought had the strongest debut album of 2010?

Best Coast! Nah, just kidding.

Das Racist really came out swinging this year. Not only did they release a whole lot of content, it all ended up being a very fresh and different take on hip-hop. At first glance Das Racist appears to be merely a joke/comedy rap group, but after closer examination you might be finding yourself questioning that notion. Behind all the humour and immaturity is a method. There are times where Das Racist looks like a commentary on the current state of hip-hop, while at other points they are a celebration of it. Das Racist excels as producers and rappers as well. “Shut up, dude” is filled with smart rhymes and catchy dance beats.

Really, if you haven’t heard anything from these guys yet, you are missing out.


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