Breakthrough of 2014

There was plenty to be surprised by last year. Last year seemed overflowing with weird genre-pushing art and new takes on still new sounds. There’s Nima and Giant Claw’s distorted vaporwave-esque takes. Gobby pushed in weird, weird directions while keeping it recognizable. Ratking emerged with a tremendous joy of lyricism and making rhymes especially. GOD took new trends in trap and drill and threaded through them with incredible theming and storytelling. Last, Gazelle Twin set off a body horror brainbomb in electronica. There’s plenty to choose from.


When you name yourself GOD, you kind of have a lot to live up to. What’s incredible is that GOD does. From the start of the tape, the atmosphere is thick and brutal. “Heaven was not made for us.” That’s the first sound this mixtape makes. When GOD finally comes in on the beat it’s with confidence and individuality. The rest of that track, “Genesis,” was a tight hook for me. His flow puts impact on every single word in a way reminiscent of Pusha T, playing with his name with an ease and ego that’s infectious. The rest of the tape weaves crime stories with immense unsung hooks and well laid out mood music. For the out of nowhere effect, no one put themselves on the map for us quite like GOD.

You can find his tape here.


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