Best Rap Album of 2010

This was a pretty tops year for hip-hop, honestly. I had a really hard time contributing to the decision that we made as a group (can’t speak for Matt or John) for what our what the definitive FOWR rap album of the year would be. I probably, though, should just start by giving it up to Big Boi for making one of the coolest songs of the year, “Shutterbugg”, then Animalistic for being absolutely nuts, Black Milk for making some feel-good rap, Curren$y for “Michael Knight”, Das Racist for making what was to be their huge show-off scene for making legitimate rap music, and of course, Kanye West for making one of the tightest-sounding albums in terms of theme and production I’ve ever heard. But the time must come to decide, what was the most deserving out of all this rap goodness? You may actually be surprised.

Das Racist, it should be an honor to be held at a higher regard than Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”, and boy was this an argument. But we had to give it to Das Racist simply because of what they do for rap as a genre. Yes, both were very different than from what we had heard in the last few years, but what these guys did differently was make something fun, engaging, and most of all pleasantly surprising as all hell.

When I first heard these guys like most people, it was the song “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell”. What I wouldn’t have expected is that they could come up with even more entertaining and inventive songs that still had the Das Racist charm from “Shut Up, Dude”. Tracks like “Town Business”, “Rapping 2 U”, and “Rooftop” are the reason I adore rap music. The same could be said for some of the tracks on Dark Twisted, but the deal with that album is that it sometimes strays away from the core of what hip-hop even is, which is not a bad thing at the least, as it’s in my top five albums of the year. Das Racist is hip-hop.

Also, the runner up is “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” because I love you, Kanye West.


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