Best Rock Album of 2010

I think it’s fair to say that rock music is still the soul of this thing we do here. Our range does expand past the bravado of guitar acts and isn’t closed to much of anything, although I suppose country is underrepresented. At the same time, that is Iggy fucking Pop in the banner up there freaking out from the terrible power of The Stooges (also heroin). Rock music is a key element of this website, and of western music. This year had a lot of music that fought hard for what they thought rock and roll meant. Warpaint melted into itself, Frog Eyes filled the air with thunder, Soft Pack made a scale model city, Surfer Blood worked through human existance, and Menomena drowned in people.

So what rang out louder than all of this?

Confusion. Or maybe mystery, to be more polite.

Women is a phenomenally talented band that doesn’t sound like anything out there. It could be confused as low-fi, but what they accomplish with murk is more important than that classification. It would also be easy to dismiss it as Art Rock, as the core of the experience is coming to a personal understanding. What I get out of listening to Women, other than the sense that I am not a good guitar player, is power from the raw sound. It courses through my body and cleans like the immune system, expelling what I don’t understand and forcing it out. It wreaks havoc and delirium upon me. Essentially, it does what everyone says rock music is supposed to do.


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